Computer Registry

Computer Registry is a very strong and well designed database that is responsible for controlling various computer operations. Do not even think of deleting or making changes to the entries of the registry on your own (unless you have extensive experience with computers) as that can make some of the applications of your system absolutely unusable.

Computer Registry came into existence with the Windows 95 operating system. It was created in order to eliminate the dependency on the DOS filing system. All Windows OS – Windows 9x, Windows CE, Windows NT ,Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP use a computer registry as a reference source.  For a Windows based computer the registry is the most significant element of the PC. It has all the information regarding all the applications, hardware and settings.

Computer Registry comprises of five important components each of which hands out a very vital role in the functioning of a computer. An error in the registry can make a computer crash. A registry can get affected while adding or removing a program. Changing the control panel settings, abrupt computer shutdown and presence of malicious files such as viruses in the system can also cause errors in the registry. Malicious files can cause a lot of harm to the registry, even if such files are removed, the error caused by them will remain. In order to maintain good health of your PC it is important to have a tool that can help you with the registry monitoring and repair works.

Whenever you open any file or program on the computer, it refers the registry to find out where the file is stored. The registry will also provide information related to the settings and value, user profiles, ports etc. in short your system cannot do a thing without a computer registry. If you really want to make changes to the registry then you should take a back up in order to avoid any kind of loss of information.

It is important to clean the registry regularly and use a good quality registry cleaner for this purpose. The computer registry can be opened with the help of regedit command. The user can view the information in a graphical interface that allows them to edit or insert keys in the registry. The changes can be made in the registry manually, simply by expanding every section, getting into the right folder and identifying where the entries are to be modified. Almost all corporate companies have network administrators that ensure that no user is able to access the directory. However in home computer the main user has the access to the administrator’s privileges.

Nowadays tools are available to check the computer registry for errors or issues. The only issue is that it is difficult to understand when to run such a tool. Generally registry related issues get noticed too late. So, the best solution would be to run regular registry scans. If you have a good window registry scanning kit then in depth knowledge of computer registry and its operations is not required. Simply use the tools to be on the safe side.

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