Canon T6i bundle

There are many reasons why many people would instead buy a T6i bundle against buying only the camera body. Discounted pricing for maximum value and having all of the accessories you’ll need in one place, are just a few of the many advantages of a Canon T6i bundle

But not all bundles are the same. So, there must be a way you can differentiate true value from pure garbage. This post discusses some of these key things to look for in your Canon  T6i bundle.  

Check what’s included in your bundle

You need your bundle for true value and savings.

So, it’s crucial that you check what’s included in the bundle so you don’t fall for junk. All bundles will have different packages but most of the most valuable accessories are often an 18-55mm kit lens, a 55-250mm lens, a two-lens bundle of both of these lenses, a memory card, preferably SanDisk or Transcend, a tripod, and a camera bag.

The bundle may also include a cleaning kit, lens filters, wireless shutter release, and lens attachments, among others. 

Where you buy matters

You don’t want to buy from just about anywhere. 

Either you buy your Canon T6i bundle from the Canon store or a reputable authorized third-party seller. In either case, you’ll be sure you’re buying high-quality accessories backed by a warranty. 

Not every T6i bundle is worth your money.

Some bundles are just an assembly of low-quality junk. Some others are only a scheme for marketing and nothing more. Be sure of what you’re getting so you can enjoy real value on your purchase. 

Canon T6i bundle buying guide

Pictures and videos on the T6i are gorgeous thanks to the 24MP APS-C sensor. But if you want to get the best of your camera, you’ll need a few other accessories at different moments. You’ll be better off getting everything you need in a bundle compared to buying all of these accessories separately.